24'x 8' with Netfix
Netfix on Upright
Large and Small Goals
Netfix on Crossbar Assembly of Net Fix

Assembly of Net Fix
Net Fix Fittings
Hook 400mm long

M&D Safety Guidelines

1. Before use, ensure that the goalpost is secured at all times by means of the appropriate supplied anchoring system. This applied to all posts whether they are fixed, portable or free-standing. All goalposts should be either anchored, weighted, pinned, chained, pegged or otherwise made secure so as to prevent overturning.

2. Before assembly of equipment check that it is not damaged and that it is fit for use. Check for damages to nets, joints and that locking devices are in good working condition.

3. Check that the equipment for securing the product is intact and in good working order.

4. When goalposts that are tall or heavy are being erected/ assembled, it is recommended that heavy lifting equipment is used and that the correct tools for the job are used at all times. Assembly and erection of goals should be carried out by sufficient number of persons.

5. Consideration should be given to the proximity of overhead electrical cables during the erection and transportation of gaelic goalposts.

6. When dismantling goalposts follow the assembly instructions and recommendations. Ensure all ground sockets have been suitably blanked off when goalposts have been taken out to eliminate trip hazards.

7. Portable goalposts should be dismantled or removed to a secure area when not in use following the recommended storage instructions by the manufacturer/owner.

8. Moving: if a piece of equipment must be moved, and no transportation wheels are provided, the equipment should be lifted by a sufficient number of competent persons to prevent injury and to prevent damage to the product.

9. Procurement: All new Goalposts should be purchased from manufacturers /suppliers that comply with the following standards I.S.EN 748/ I.S.EN 749 I.S.EN 750 and BS 8462 BS PAS 36.

10. Maintenance: regular maintenance of goalposts is essential to ensure that it is fit for use.